Thank you very much indeed for your Excellent work in completing the repairs to my Maserati 3200 GT so rapidly and efficiently.
— D.A.S. Corbett M.A, London
I am so pleased that you’re still able to provide such service. There isn’t anyone else who i’d trust with the Aston Martin DB3S.
— Mr. Agg, West Sussex
“Shane and his team have worked on many cars in my collection for over more than a decade including everything from complete rebuilds to minor repairs. Their metalworking skills are exceptional and I know that anything I ask them will be done once and done properly with pride, attention to detail and to the highest standards. Some of the work they have done for me has proved very challenging (they will never forget my Alfa Touring Spyder!) but nothing has ever been impossible and I would recommend Prestige to anyone who wants quality work and a result which will impress.”
— Nick Heywood-Waddington
Absolutely fantastic! I will be sending you my Ferrari Daytona for a soft top conversion shortly.
— Robert Ganney, London
Many thanks for all your efforts in finishing the reproduction of my Ferrari 250 SWB California Spyder chassis and body.
— Eduardo Salzman, Buenos Aires

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